Friday, September 29, 2006

Other : Today Throws a Wedding--Rings

So this morning on Today Throws a Wedding
it was time for the ring choices.

None I was too crazy about.
I keep imaging a lot of gunk getting stuck in these rings.
With all the grooves they have.
Out of the choices I liked this one best.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Other : Today Show Throws a Wedding--Cakes

So here are the cake choices, I was talking about earlier.
Out of the 4 choices I like the Modern Bouqeut best.
Apple cinnamon cake with brown suger icing sounds so good!

Other : Today Show Throws a Wedding

Today Show Throws a Wedding
I’ve been watching basically every year when they do this.
I don’t think I’d ever be able to relent control on the decision making like these brides do.
This year it’s a speed wedding. The wedding will be held next week.
Today they had cake’s featured.
I’m still thinking about the groom’s tux choices.
Here’s what I liked.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Ceremonies : Officiant...Check

So my fiance and I met with Rev. Hilda Gieco on Saturday.
Even though she's the first officiant we have met with, she will end up being the only one because we liked her that much. From the beginning we felt a strong connection with her, and had a really good chat over coffee at Starbucks.
She contributed great ideas, and was receptive to our ideas. It really seems like it's going to be a wonderful, collaborative process in building our dream ceremony.
Big recommendation for Hilda Gieco!

Contact Info:
21 Sanford Court
Valley Stream
New York, NY
Phone: (347) 531-9485
Celestial Weddings

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Places : Angel Orensanz Foundation

Saturday (up to 130 guests) $14,600 site fee
(up to 200 guests) $15,600 site fee
(up to 250 guests) $16,600 site fee

Fri/Sun (up to 130 guests) $14,600 site fee
(up to 200 guests) $14,600 site fee
(up to 250 guests) $15,600 site fee

Weekday (up to 130 guests) $10,600 site fee
(up to 200 guests) $11,600 site fee
(up to 250 guests) $12,600 site fee

events up to 300 guests, add $500

no tax on the site fee!!

Space rental runs from 12 noon - 12 midnight and music must end at 11:30 pm.

There's a charge of $2000 per hour to extend the event after midnight.

To hold just a ceremony the cost is only $3,000 and you receive the space from 8:00 am - 11:30 am

Overall, the space comes with a choice of linens and drapery (there are about 30 choices available in the linens and most are brocade patterns and much more elegant than solid covers at most other venues we saw).

Tables are provided (all are round) -- there are I thkn 5 different sizes that they provide and chairs.

They assist your event people in setting up the enite ceremony and provide a crew to cleanup after you event.

I think the best thing about A.O. is the Lighting Designer who comes with the site fee. You worked directly with him to create a lighting scheme for your entire event -- allowing you to change the entire look of the space (if you wanted to).

Other : Yay, Ilovenyinjune is here!

Hi ladies,

Just wanted to do my little signup thing here. Oh, and my screenname for blogger is PerfectKimmie. So if you see her, its me too.

Sorry for the confusion!

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Other : NYC Cupcake Get Together

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Places : Prince George Ballroom--Downtown Bride's location

The Prince George Ballroom is located at 15 East 27th Street in a landmark building that was originally built as a luxury hotel in 1904 and later became a welfare hotel. In the 1990s, it was purchased and rehabilitated by the not-for-profit Common Ground and the building is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The Ballroom was just restored over the past two years and has only recently been open for events. Common Ground was a Lucy G. Moses Preservation Award this year from the New York Landmarks Conservancy for their work in restoring the space.

We plan to have our guests enter through the World Monuments Fund Gallery and hold the ceremony in the ballroom. The cocktail hour will be held in both the Gallery and the Ladies Tea Room and the reception will be back in the Ballroom.

Capacity: 299 seated

Fees: The cost of the space is a $7,500 site fee - which is applied to Common Ground's programs to combat homelessness (unfortunately, the organization is structured in such a way that you can't take a deduction for the site fee, but it does go to a good cause).

Amenities: There is a full kitchen, but everything else needs to be brought in. You have the entire site (including the Gallery, Ballroom and Tea Room) from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m. and are not charged any additional fees for bringing rentals in early or having them picked up late. There is a conference room that can be used as a bridal suite upstairs. The venue also provides security guards and the events manager (Rachel - who I pray does not quit before my wedding because she is that awesome) will be there as well and will coordinate your vendors.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Places : NYC 07 IB's Venues & Dates

Here is a listing of when New York Indie Brides will be getting married in 2007.

January 27 - totheworld - The Yale Club
February 12 - Englishgirl79 - The Yale Club?
March 30 - daisy - Central Park Boathouse
April 28 - Candy_Says - The Metropolitan Building
May 27 - Canuck In Brooklyn - Columbia campus
June 16 - ilovenyinjune - Angel Orensanz Foundation
July 14 - Fresser - The Foundry
September 14 - BB2007 - Brooklyn Botanical (Palmhouse)
September 29 - MCRBride - The Foundry
October 13 - KellyE99 - Central Park Boathouse
October 27- DowntownBride07 - Prince George Ballroom

Monday, September 04, 2006

Other : Lanterns instead of flowers for Bridesmaids?

Images have been photoshopped by MCRBride.

BrooklynBride2007 needs help with this:
BB07 wrote:
"We are having an evening wedding and I think this could look very pretty, but potentially awkward.
Has anyone been to a wedding where the 'maids carried lanterns or some kind of light? I am feeling like the idea is better than the practice, but i do love the thought of soft light carried in during our evening ceremony. I just think the carrying may look awkward.

I love and have chosen some flowers but would love to do something different and also save some money…does anyone have any examples of this? We don’t want too nautical or asian a feel, since neither fit the feel of the wedding overall.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Planning : Wedding Planners

What do you do when you're PMSing and your fiance is sick?
Stay in, go online and watch Whose Wedding is it Anyway? of course.
I really, really hope I don't end up treating people they way that some of these brides do. Some of those planners are really intense--also they are saints for handling the brides the way they do.
Knowing me and the way I stress out, I took preventive measures to keep myself as sane as possible for my wedding--we hired a day of wedding planner.
Along with a few other IB's (Shadycat is one) I hired Francesca from
Dazzling Affairs

She's located in Long Island but does weddings in NYC too. She even picked up me and my fiance from the LIRR train station, so we could come meet with her.

This is the package I'm getting that was written on her site:
A Day Of Coordinator gets involved 4 to 6 week prior to the event to touch base with vendors & to ensure a seamless execution of all your prior planning. This is the total supervision of “the day of” from the morning to the end of the event so that you can have a stress-free day.

This package is best suited for a bride and groom who are able to oversee details but require a professional around to make sure things run smoothly on the day of the event.
Available via email and phone anytime
3 in-person meetings starting 6 weeks prior to your wedding day
Review all contracts and contact all vendors
Set up a “Day Of” timeline
Coordinate all vendors based on final timeline decisions
First vendor to arrive to make sure all other vendors are ready to go on time
Receiving deliveries and greeting vendors on wedding day
Lining up and cueing the wedding party when it is time to walk down the aisle
Gathering family members/wedding party for photographs
Ensuring proper placement of wedding favors
Wedding programs, wedding bubbles, exit petals, disposable cameras, etc.
Work closely with Maitre-d’ and bridal attendant
Making sure that band, dj and mc play all songs requested
Guiding you graciously through your day
Keeping track of specialty items and then packing everything up
Distributing gratuities or final payments to all vendors
Arranging transportation for you
Ensure vendors provide services as requested
Wedding Emergency Kits - from needle & thread to glue guns - we carry it all.