Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Invites : bklyneliza's Invitations

bklyneliza wrote:

Our invites are from which has been so affordable and easy to work with.
I can't get over how professional and gorgeous they are and for 50-ish invites, with reply cards, envelopes, it will be around $450 and I love them more than some letterpress we had seen. yay!

The jpeg of the invite has brown all around it, but it's simply mounted on brown stock paper and the woman who made it wanted to give us the feel for it. I'm still impressed with how well it's worked planning everything online with her.

Thought I was way too much of a control freak for that, but it's been fantastic. AND she sent proofs to New Zealand with no questions asked. Something I can assure you other vendors have not.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Florists : Flower Colors Green and White

I think I've finally come up with my color theme for my wedding...I think!
Brown, green and white.
I still may change my mind and opt to have more warm colored flowers since I'm having a fall wedding.
As of now I'm just collection lots of images to help with the decision making process.

Here's an album of some images I've collected online:
Green and White Flowers

Friday, November 17, 2006

Places : NYC 07 IB's Venues & Dates

Here is a listing of when New York Indie Brides will be getting married in 2007.

January 20 - NYCJane -- Rochester, NY (Living in NYC)
January 27 - totheworld - The Yale Club
February 12 - Englishgirl79 - The Yale Club?
March 24 - Mar - The Players on Gramercy Park
March 30 - daisy - Central Park Boathouse
March 31 - Spazgirl - Hudson Theatre
April 28 - Candy_Says - The Metropolitan Building
May 13 - limeass - Abigail Kirsch's Stage 6
May 20 - heightsgirl - Abigail Kirsch's Stage 6
May 27 - Canuck In Brooklyn- Columbia campus
June 16 - ilovenyinjune - Angel Orensanz Foundation
July 14 - Fresser - The Foundry
July 19 - July 19 - The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
September 14 - BB2007 - Brooklyn Botanical (Palmhouse)
September 22 - lollie333 - Tobacco Warehouse
September 22- ahhh bklyn - Prospect Park Picnic House
September 22 - bellatrix - Bryant Park Grill
September 22 - Layla76 - 632 on Hudson
September 29 - bklyngrl - Tobacco Warehouse
September 29 - MCRBride - The Foundry
September 29 - milokyle - The Players on Gramercy Park
September 29 - bklyneliza - Frankies 457
September 29 - greenpt_bride - Seamen's Church Institute
September 29 - brooklynbetty - Brooklyn Academy of Music
October 6 - Sammy - Prospect Park Boat House
October 9 - mrskit - Battery Gardens
October 13 - KellyE99 - Central Park Boathouse
October 13 - bklyn_kitten - Nantucket MA Destination Wedding. Party to celebrate in Brooklyn
October 13 - sloe-eyed - Prince George Ballroom
October 13 - artemis_tao - Landmark on the Park
October 14 - nycpoor - Battery Gardens
October 20 - molisa1 - Synod House
October 27- DowntownBride07 - Prince George Ballroom
October 27- ckcbklyn - Prospect Park Picnic House
November 3 - papergirlnyc - The Metropolitan Building
November 3 - mememe - Bridgewaters
November 17 - Schmuella - Terrace on the Park
November 24 - Bklynbride112407 - The Palm House

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Caterer : Caterer Check!

I was looking for a caterer for a long time, and through a recommendation from a co-worker I found Monica Byrne.

When we met we just clicked. We have similar tastes and styles and sometimes it felt as if we were coming up with the same ideas at different times. :)

We only met once, but it felt like we knew each other longer. I got a really good vibe from that meeting. Plus talking to her via email has been great.

The bonus is that she's also a florist, and she'll be helping cater and decorate the wedding.

She owns a small bar Tini in Red Hook Brooklyn.

Go check it out!

Contact Info:
Monica Byrne
Roquette Catering
Tini Winebar Cafe
414 Van Brunt St
Brooklyn NY 11231
NY Times article on Tini