Friday, August 18, 2006

Places : The Foundry--MCRBrides location

After much searching on message boards, online, word of mouth etc, my fiancé and I finally came to choose the 1st place I had I looked at when thinking of wedding venues.
The Foundry

A co-worker of mine had gotten married there about a year or so ago, so when I got engaged, a lot of people at my job had high praise for it, and recommended it.
I loved it immediately but thought it would be way too expensive.
Jump ahead around 6 months later, and the price of a NYC wedding
started to sink in, the Foundry didn't so expensive to me anymore.

It’s just so funny to me, that we ended going with literally the 1st place I looked at.

So anyways our date is September 29th, 2007 :) And currently we are narrowing down between 2 caterers.
I'll post about that when we make the final decision.


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