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MCRBride's Wedding Photos

MCRBride's Wedding Review

The Foundry
42-38 Ninth St.
Long Island City, NY 11101
west side of 9th Street
between Queens Plaza South & 43rd Ave location.html

The Foundry was such a huge hit. Everyone loved it. The space was so unique that were able to do some really nice things with it. The people and staff there were so helpful and friendly too. Allison was a huge help the day of the wedding, and the doorman called cars for all of the guests and helped out a lot.

Caterer & Florist:
Monica Byrne of Roquette Catering
Roquette Catering
Tini Wine bar Cafe
414 Van Brunt St
Brooklyn NY 11231 l

Monica prepared such a unique and tasty menu, not to mention decorating the Foundry beautifully (ALL flowers/arrangements and overall look)!

My family is Puerto Rican and she researched and cooked delicious Puerto Rican style pork as well as steak and chicken. Awesome!
My family has been raving and so have my husband and I since the wedding about how wonderful everything looked and tasted and this was all due to Monica’s amazing talents.
She is seriously gifted!
I could go on on on, email me if you want me to lol.

Francesca Leonardini of Dazzling Affairs
T: 516-887-0199
C: 516-455-1751
F: 516-887-3130 .html

Francesca made the whole night flow. She made sure me and my husband were stress free! She even drove out to Jersey City the day before the wedding from Long Island to pick up some things from me to make my week easier. Such a big help!
*Our one complaint is she forgot a copy of the seating chart, luckily my husband and I basically remembered where everyone went for the Mezzanine.

Rev. Hilda Gieco
21 Sanford Court
Valley Stream
New York, NY
Phone: (347) 531-9485
Email: .html

Exactly what we wanted. A short, simple, classy ceremony. Very customizable and friendly throughout the process.
*We only wish we had given her a mic, none of the guests in back could hear her. Luckily our videographer said she has it all captured.

Eva Dahl ml otoshoot.html

Eva shot the pics for our website and they came out exactly how I’d pictured it.
I got the final product a few weeks ago and love it! Her black and whites, her colors everything.
Her style is exactly what we wanted, and I'm very happy with the end result!

Motoko Fukuyama of Love in Progress

Not only did Motoko and her assistant cover the whole event, but they even danced while they were taking video during the dance sessions! Lots of fun.
I found them to be great, for some peoples taste her assistant might have been a bit unprofessional, but I wasn’t looking for that type of coverage. He was a bit too chatty with some of my guests and I often saw him without a video camera in hand.
They are definitely more Indie, which I really loved.
Motoko herself was amazing, really easy to get along with and I always saw her shooting away.
The DVD came out great, she captured alot of great moments. Its how I wanted, sort of documentary with a music video type of touch to it.
One of the best wedding videos I've seen for sure. I've had some great compliments on it.

Dance Class:
Kerensa of Ballroom Dance NYC

My husband can NOT dance and we actually looked good during the wedding dance due to Kerensa. Very patient and made the dance easy to understand, remember, and execute.
She gave us moves for our intro, our first dance, the end of the dance, mother/son dance and the father/daughter dance.

Grooms party Suits:
Linus NYC.
160 Spring St
New York, NY 10012
(917) 237-0222

Husbands tie from LINUS, the others are DKNY from Macy’s.
Linus is a small company that gave us great customer service, a nice deal on the 3 suit package (husband and 2 groomsmen), and the European cut was just what we were looking for. Very friendly staff too.

Hong Kong Tailor Jack
136 Waverly Pl Ste 2
New York, NY 10014-6821
Phone: (212) 675-0818

While we loved Linus, researching online I saw that their alterations weren’t getting such ravs. So my husbands suit was done by Hong Kong Tailor Jack.

Bridesmaid Dresses:
Jenny Yoo

A bit pricey, but I loved the look of these dresses. One of my bridesmaids though totally didn’t get hers fitted properly so it looked a bit loose in the boobs. I fault her rather than Jenny Yoo.

My husband’s Uncle is a pastry chef, so he made us chocolate toffee brittle.

Limo Company:
Romantique Limos

They came early and hung out until we were ready. Limos were a bit smaller than the promised number (luckily the videographer had her own car to the venue or we might not have fit!).

The Mercer
147 Mercer St, New York, NY 10012
(212) 966-6060

Gorgeous hotel room! They upgraded us to a suite for our wedding weekend and it was HUGE! We miss the hotel already. The staff had everything we needed from Advil to recommendations for spas and food and were extremely nice and professional.
Really expensive, but it really made us feel special and just loved the location and hotel.

Bra Tenders
630 Ninth Avenue (at W. 44th Street)?Suite 601?New York, NY 10036

Come with a picture of your dress or an idea and they can hook you up with what you need. Raquel there matched me with a Long Line Bra and pair of Spanx.

Dress:-Audrey at Kleinfelds.
Some girls have had horror stories from Kleinfeld’s, I had my best shopping experience there.
Its totally who you see there that shapes your experience, and Audrey is amazing.
I felt no pressure to buy, and she even told me I'd be better off coming back for the Henry Roth Sample Sale a month later.
When I came back, Henry Roth had decided to close shop, so I got a sample dress on a crazy discount.( More than half off.)

-2nd dress:
Macy’s really cheap.
I’m glad I did this, for the last hour I got to really enjoy myself and dance my butt off.

Mia Hendrickson of the Bridal Lounge
I just love Mia. I find her to be so calming and collected. She did an amazing job on me and all my girls!
Also a strange coincidence, she had actually done the hair and makeup for my mom’s wedding about 5 years earlier, but I had COMPLETLEY forgotten!

Antonio of Devachan
560 Broadway
New York, NY 10012
(212) 274-8686

I had some scheduling issues with Devachan a few months before the wedding.
Finally all was settled and I had Francis booked, the best up style do guy there.
Well a few days before the wedding I get a call from Devachan that Francis was murdered a few days before the wedding!!
Through that incredibly stressful time they came through and Antonio stood in and did an amazing job.
His assistant Jessica was wonderful as well!

Beledo from A Starry Night Elegant Disc Jockeys

Played beautifully during the cocktail hour and the recessional.
*One minus: We had discussed on the phone different song choices for the processional and recessional. I had told him that our father daughter dance was "here Comes the Son" by the Beatles, after he suggested it for the recessional and not to use it.
He had played it in the mix during the cocktail hour, I'm sure no one noticed but me.

Out of the Kitchen

The location has moved South to the corner of Leroy and Hudson.
We tried TONS of cupcake places. This place had the best cupcakes and delivered the day of the wedding to make it all easier. We still have some cupcakes saved in our fridge, they were so good!
The manager there was extremely nice.

ID Jewelry t-ring.html

The first time we were looking for rings the staff here took the time to explain so much about rings to us. VERY helpful and knowledgable staff, as well as being friendly. We got great deals on all 3 of our rings, and we always felt like they were being honest with us. They gave us a copy of the engagement ring’s certificate and said, “Shop it around, you won’t beat our price”. We definitely couldn’t even find a price close to it. Great, great business!

Saks Fifth Avenue Adriana Orsini.

Bracelet & Hair Pins:
Regina B.

Programs, place cards, bathroom baskets:

A friend DJ'd. He had an amazing mix of Salsa.

A co-worker made them. Loved them.

My Shoes:
Colorrifics Andie bought through Discoutn Elegant Bridal (
After Zappos didnt' have my size I went with them and I had no problems.

Shoe Dying:
Kiddie Gummers
107 Clinton St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 253-1488

After Andy’s Shoes in Chelsea failed us more than once, we went to Kiddie Gummers, who did a great job in a short amount of time and fixed the mess that Andy had made.

Flip Flops for flip flop bucket:
Old Navy

Rome and Florence Italy.

-Rome: Albergo del Senato

The location of the Albergo Del Senato in Rome was perfect. SO close to the Pantheon that we felt as if we could reach out and touch it. The staff was a bit stiff and seemed unfriendly, but the room and view made up for it.

-Florence: Santa Maria Novella

The Santa Maria Novella in Florence was the opposite. GREAT staff, but the Piazza the hotel overlooked was under construction so the location wasn’t ideal. The room was huge. EVERY restaurant the staff recommended was great even down to little gelaterias and pizza places they recommended.

Email me if you have any questions

Ceremonies : IB Officiant!

Our fellow IB (Carissa) is an officiant (with over 100 weddings under her belt!) Hilda is her mentor, and if you tell her you found her through IB, she will charge less than her typical prices.
Two In Love Ceremonies

*Photo courtesy of Rock Melon

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Music : DJ's

Shoes : Dyeing

So these are the Coloriffic’s Andie shoes I've been trying to find someone to dye.
So far no luck, because of the folds of fabric, but here's some places that were recommended that might be helpful to others.

Indiebride lowey wrote:

For shoe dyeing try
Evelyn and San
400 E. 83rd St.
cash only

I had my shoes dyed there after 3 different people recommended them. Little mom & pop store - very sweet! I think it cost me about $35?

Indiebride downtownbride07 wrote:
I don't know if he necessarily dyes shoes, but I get all of my shoes repaired at Arty's shoe repair on 22nd and 8th - apparently he's the darling of the fashion industry - he gets written up in Time Out and such. He also once redyed a purse of mine that got discolored by chlorine and it came out amazing. It's worth a call to see if he does dying...

Arty's Shoe Service
243 8th Ave
New York, NY 10011
Phone: (212) 255-1451

Indiebride Mrskit found this link:
NYMag article
9 E. 38th St., Seventh fl.

Shoe Maker recommended on the knot:

Shoe Service Plus
15 W 55th St between 5th & 6th
New York, NY 10019-4900
Phone: (212) 262-4823

Also knot recommended:
15 W. 55th (btw. 5th and 6th)

Kiddie Gummers
107 Clinton St
New York, NY 10002
(212) 253-1488

After Andy’s Shoes in Chelsea failed us more than once, we went to Kiddie Gummers, who did a great job in a short amount of time and fixed the mess that Andy had made.

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Places : NYC 07 IB's Venues & Dates

Here is a listing of when New York Indie Brides will be getting married in 2007.

January 20 - NYCJane -- Rochester, NY (Living in NYC)
January 27 - totheworld - The Yale Club
February 12 - Englishgirl79 - The Yale Club?
March 24 - Mar - The Players on Gramercy Park
March 30 - daisy - Central Park Boathouse
March 31 - Spazgirl - Hudson Theatre
April 28 - Candy_Says - The Metropolitan Building
May 13 - limeass - Abigail Kirsch's Stage 6
May 20 - heightsgirl - Abigail Kirsch's Stage 6
May 27 - Canuck In Brooklyn- Columbia campus
June 16 - ilovenyinjune - Angel Orensanz Foundation
July 14 - Fresser - The Foundry
July 19 - July 19 - The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens
September 14 - BB2007 - Brooklyn Botanical (Palmhouse)
September 22 - lollie333 - Tobacco Warehouse
September 22- ahhh bklyn - Prospect Park Picnic House
September 22 - bellatrix - Bryant Park Grill
September 22 - Layla76 - 632 on Hudson
September 29 - bklyngrl - Tobacco Warehouse
September 29 - MCRBride - The Foundry
September 29 - milokyle - The Players on Gramercy Park
September 29 - bklyneliza - Frankies 457
September 29 - greenpt_bride - Seamen's Church Institute
September 29 - brooklynbetty - Brooklyn Academy of Music
September 29 - Sammy - Prospect Park Boat House
October 9 - mrskit - Battery Gardens
October 13 - KellyE99 - Central Park Boathouse
October 13 - bklyn_kitten - Nantucket MA Destination Wedding. Party to celebrate in Brooklyn
October 13 - sloe-eyed - Prince George Ballroom
October 13 - artemis_tao - Landmark on the Park
October 14 - nycpoor - Battery Gardens
October 20 - molisa1 - Synod House
October 27- DowntownBride07 - Prince George Ballroom
October 27- ckcbklyn - Prospect Park Picnic House
November 3 - papergirlnyc - The Metropolitan Building
November 3 - mememe - Bridgewaters
November 17 - Schmuella - Terrace on the Park
November 24 - Bklynbride112407 - The Palm House

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Photographers : Photographer List

Here's a list of photographers that are constantly mentioned on both Indie Bride and the NYC Knot Board.

5 West Studios
Aaron Almendral
Agaton Strom
Angela Cappetta
Angelica Glass
Beth Keiser
Bloom Weddings (Gulnara)
Brett Chang HFC Photography
Cappy Hotchkiss
Cly Creation
Dave Robbins
Eva Dahl
Gabriel Gibson
Henry Chan
Jacob Pritchard
Jennifer Davis
Julia Newman
Karen Gordon
Katie Lyman
Kellie Walsh / 4 Eyes Photography
Kenny Pang
Lauren Slusher
Maia Studio
My New York Wedding Photographer
Nela Vera
Peter Jacobsen
Sandra O'Claire
Sarah Sloboda
Sarah Tew
She Hit Pause
Stacey Ilyse
Susan Francy
Twelfth Night
Two Girls and a Camera

List of who NYC Indie Brides are using:

5 West Studios

ASI Photography

Angelica Glass

Brett Chang HFC Photography

Eva Dahl

Casey Fatchett

Henry Chan

Karen Gordon

Katie Lyman

Kenny Pang
-Limeass for her Engagement Photos

Sarah Tew
-BB07 is using for her Rehearsal Dinner

She Hit Pause (Matt Shawartz)

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Rehearsal Dinner : brooklyn0804's Recommendations

brooklyn0804 wrote:

It's a great space in Dumbo and it would be lovely for a wedding or Rehearsal Dinner. They have an extra raw loft space attached to it!

Also, Bacchus on Atlantic Ave. just built an extra garden next to the existing one and its covered! They have big communal tables and can accomodate small and larger groups. Bruno, the owner is so nice. Good vibes and good food!

Planning : Espirit718's Vendor List

IB Espirit718 wrote:

Venue: Bubby's in DUMBO.
Jojo has been great and responsive to all questions. The view is amazing and the space has a great laid-back vibe if that's what you're looking for.

Photographer: Lauren Slusher
Check her out-- she just started a blog on her website with photos that she has taken from recent weddings. She rocks and her rates are incredible, and more reasonable than any other photographer that I've seen posted on IndieBride or researched on my own.

Florist: Floral Heights (Brooklyn Heights).
Charlotte is amazing with floral design. My FH has been buying flowers from this florist for the past 2 years, so I was familiar with her work. She uses a supplier out of Denmark so the quality of her flowers are impressive. Not one floral bouquet that I've ever received has lasted less than 1 week. Price for our total package was $1200.

DJ: Gary Hoffman (DJ gaza). Loved his demo cd's -- I've been listening to them on my Ipod for the past few months. He was very professional and seems like a genuinely nice guy, and came highly recommended from other indie brides.

Hair: Stacey Pitt
Another great find on Indiebride. Stacey has a calming personality. My trial run went really well and she's quite talented.

Make-up: Laura Nadeau
Laura was a lot of fun during our trial. She is a great make-up artist.

Cake: Sugar Sweet Sunshine
We're having cupcakes and using Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the LES. To show around, I tried cupcakes from Sweet Melissa, One Girl Cookie, and Cupcake Cafe, but I liked SSS the best and the owner, Alex is great (telephone #212-995-1960). My dad is making a wooden square cupcake tower (painted white). I can't find one for sale on the web, so we're going to make ours.

Dress and Veil: Bridal Garden
I scored an Ulla Meija sample dress named "Danielle" that is still in stores such as Mark Ingram and Kleinfelds (where it retails for $5400- I paid no where near that price!) I love this dress-- very unique and unlike anything I've ever seen. It was in fantastic condition and has never been worn.

Alterations: Madame Paulette
Madame Paulette. I decided not to have alterations done at the Bridal Garden since I read a few negative posts about alterations they performed. Just as a warning-- Madame Paulette is expensive.

Shoes: One Glass Slipper
Good selection and price range, and had all types of shoes.

Brooklyn Marriott. This hotel has been inconsistent from the get-go. Prices vary depending upon who you speak with and whether you book online versus over the phone($179 vs. $159). However, their rates were the most reasonable ($159/night for weekend rate if booked online), so our guests are staying here. Prices were more expensive on Thursday and depending on whether you booked over the phone, on Sunday, too. As we mentioned, prices varied depending upon how you book the room. This made for a long explanation on our wedding info. website that we created for out-of-town guests.

Misc. decorations:
Ebay. I purchased 120 glass votives with candles for $60 from a vendor called efavormart. This vendor has many items for sale on Ebay including paper lanterns. If you're looking for paper lanters, this vendor is so much cheaper than any other vendor that I researched. Don't waste your money at Pearl River! Ebay is so much cheaper and they're identical since I've done the comparison.

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Desserts : Wedding Cakes and Cupcakes

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Other : Wedding Videos

Best Man Screws Groom

Father Daughter Dance to Abba

Cute Father Daughter Dance