Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Planning : Espirit718's Vendor List

IB Espirit718 wrote:

Venue: Bubby's in DUMBO.
Jojo has been great and responsive to all questions. The view is amazing and the space has a great laid-back vibe if that's what you're looking for.

Photographer: Lauren Slusher
Check her out-- she just started a blog on her website with photos that she has taken from recent weddings. She rocks and her rates are incredible, and more reasonable than any other photographer that I've seen posted on IndieBride or researched on my own.

Florist: Floral Heights (Brooklyn Heights).
Charlotte is amazing with floral design. My FH has been buying flowers from this florist for the past 2 years, so I was familiar with her work. She uses a supplier out of Denmark so the quality of her flowers are impressive. Not one floral bouquet that I've ever received has lasted less than 1 week. Price for our total package was $1200.

DJ: Gary Hoffman (DJ gaza). Loved his demo cd's -- I've been listening to them on my Ipod for the past few months. He was very professional and seems like a genuinely nice guy, and came highly recommended from other indie brides.

Hair: Stacey Pitt
Another great find on Indiebride. Stacey has a calming personality. My trial run went really well and she's quite talented.

Make-up: Laura Nadeau
Laura was a lot of fun during our trial. She is a great make-up artist.

Cake: Sugar Sweet Sunshine
We're having cupcakes and using Sugar Sweet Sunshine in the LES. To show around, I tried cupcakes from Sweet Melissa, One Girl Cookie, and Cupcake Cafe, but I liked SSS the best and the owner, Alex is great (telephone #212-995-1960). My dad is making a wooden square cupcake tower (painted white). I can't find one for sale on the web, so we're going to make ours.

Dress and Veil: Bridal Garden
I scored an Ulla Meija sample dress named "Danielle" that is still in stores such as Mark Ingram and Kleinfelds (where it retails for $5400- I paid no where near that price!) I love this dress-- very unique and unlike anything I've ever seen. It was in fantastic condition and has never been worn.

Alterations: Madame Paulette
Madame Paulette. I decided not to have alterations done at the Bridal Garden since I read a few negative posts about alterations they performed. Just as a warning-- Madame Paulette is expensive.

Shoes: One Glass Slipper
Good selection and price range, and had all types of shoes.

Brooklyn Marriott. This hotel has been inconsistent from the get-go. Prices vary depending upon who you speak with and whether you book online versus over the phone($179 vs. $159). However, their rates were the most reasonable ($159/night for weekend rate if booked online), so our guests are staying here. Prices were more expensive on Thursday and depending on whether you booked over the phone, on Sunday, too. As we mentioned, prices varied depending upon how you book the room. This made for a long explanation on our wedding info. website that we created for out-of-town guests.

Misc. decorations:
Ebay. I purchased 120 glass votives with candles for $60 from a vendor called efavormart. This vendor has many items for sale on Ebay including paper lanterns. If you're looking for paper lanters, this vendor is so much cheaper than any other vendor that I researched. Don't waste your money at Pearl River! Ebay is so much cheaper and they're identical since I've done the comparison.


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