Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Caterer : Caterer Check!

I was looking for a caterer for a long time, and through a recommendation from a co-worker I found Monica Byrne.

When we met we just clicked. We have similar tastes and styles and sometimes it felt as if we were coming up with the same ideas at different times. :)

We only met once, but it felt like we knew each other longer. I got a really good vibe from that meeting. Plus talking to her via email has been great.

The bonus is that she's also a florist, and she'll be helping cater and decorate the wedding.

She owns a small bar Tini in Red Hook Brooklyn.

Go check it out!

Contact Info:
Monica Byrne
Roquette Catering
Tini Winebar Cafe
414 Van Brunt St
Brooklyn NY 11231
NY Times article on Tini


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can I ask whether you ended up being happy with Monica Byrne? I'm looking for a caterer right now.


1:37 PM  

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