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Registries : Register for money?

"Although some couples have come up with creative ways to ask for gifts, money, or charitable donations on their wedding invitations, the truth of the matter is that doing so is rude."
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So I've been thinking about how much, and what, I should register for. I'm afraid if I don't register for enough things, that I'll end up either not getting anything or stuff I don't necessarily need or want.

By the time me and my fiance get married, we'll be together almost 10 years, and we'll have been in this apartment for 5. Maybe it seems selfish, but i don't want to end up with things stored in the tiny closet space I have that I don't need.

Basically, the only thing we need is money towards buying our first apartment, or our first home. We have dishware, towels, and all of the things that are in registries. Do you think it would be rude to start a contribution fund for our first house? It would be the thing that would help us most in starting our new life together.

There are many registries out there, for money, honeymoons etc.
Ex: A Perfect Wedding Gift
The Honeymoon
Honeymoon Wishes

Some people consider it rude, while others do not. What do you all think?


Blogger brooklynbride2007 said...

i have to say that i agree with most of the etiquette. Word of mouth from your bridal party/family can get the word around. I tend to think that people know that most couples want money, but sometimes they giver prefers giving a gift for a whole host of reasons (sometimes a thoughtful gift can save money- they can get something nice for you for less than they would feel is ok to put on a check, or they want you to have something tangible from them)

What i just read is that a party thrown is not an request for gifts, though it is customary. The shower IS a request for gifts and therefore the registry information can go in the invite if you so choose.

We are in the same boat- we want to start a life in a non-renters way in NY. I think the safer way to do it is to hope that your guests know what you really need/want and for the registry only put things you really would buy/need. I read somewhere that someplace (bed bath and beyond maybe?) allows you to return for cash.

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