Sunday, August 27, 2006

Registries : Crate and Barrel

I made a little trip to Crate and Barrel & Pottery Barn today with a friend. I saved my fiance the torture.
So in person things looked completely different that they do online.
Originally online I totally loved the Quartet Dinnerware set at C&B--in person not so much.

So I had liked the Madison Tea mug, but preferred the Maison set's plates.

Madison Dinnerware
Maison Dinnerware

What about this Roulette Dinnerware
with the ridges? Not so sure. I forgot to check it out in person.

I do think I found flatware I like: Oona Flatware

I also learned today that you're not allowed to take pictures in Crate and Barrel.
Which irked me considerably, since everything looks great online--shot professionally and perfectly lit.
But I did get shots of some cute plates.


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