Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Other : NYC Indie Bride Cupcake Get Together

Friday Sept 8, 2006

If you'd like to come mingle with your fellow IB's and have some cupcakes and maybe a beer or two, email me at
for an evite :)

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Desserts : Burgers and Cupcakes

The new Burgers and Cupcakes which was Mitchell London, but is still owned by Mitchell London with a new name.

There service as Mitchell London was always horrible, for the 3 years I've known them.
So I don't expect it’s gotten much better in recent months.

So I stopped by on my way back from lunch, since I saw there was no one on line at all, and picked up 2 cupcakes. Actually I found the chocolate cake to be moist and really good. I asked for a vanilla cupcake, but in reality it had blueberries in it. The icing was sweet, but not as sweet as Magnolia. And I'm not a Magnolia fan, so this was good. But the blueberry flavor I just wasn't in the mood for, but my co-worker ate the other half and loved it.

Give it a shot for yourself, but if you see it’s crowded there, avoid at all costs.

This review from Gothamist found the chocolate cake to be dry.

Contact Info:
458 Ninth Ave
New York, NY 10018
(212) 643-1200
Cross Street: Between 35th Street and 36th Street
Directions: A, C, E at 34th St

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Registries : Crate and Barrel

I made a little trip to Crate and Barrel & Pottery Barn today with a friend. I saved my fiance the torture.
So in person things looked completely different that they do online.
Originally online I totally loved the Quartet Dinnerware set at C&B--in person not so much.

So I had liked the Madison Tea mug, but preferred the Maison set's plates.

Madison Dinnerware
Maison Dinnerware

What about this Roulette Dinnerware
with the ridges? Not so sure. I forgot to check it out in person.

I do think I found flatware I like: Oona Flatware

I also learned today that you're not allowed to take pictures in Crate and Barrel.
Which irked me considerably, since everything looks great online--shot professionally and perfectly lit.
But I did get shots of some cute plates.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Registries : Pottery Barn Mingling Plates

I'm totally digging these SPRINGWOOD MINGLING PLATE from Pottery Barn.
Though I read on Apartment Therapy they once had them at Crate and Barrel.
I plan on registering with C&B, but this makes me want to register at PB too.
I wish they came in a variety of colors and woods.
They would be great for a little party to use new wine glasses received from your wedding registry ;)

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Other : Rock Lobster Dance

I hope someone does this at my wedding. I'll put Rock Lobster on, if someone promises to do it.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Registries : Register for money?

"Although some couples have come up with creative ways to ask for gifts, money, or charitable donations on their wedding invitations, the truth of the matter is that doing so is rude."
-Quoted from

So I've been thinking about how much, and what, I should register for. I'm afraid if I don't register for enough things, that I'll end up either not getting anything or stuff I don't necessarily need or want.

By the time me and my fiance get married, we'll be together almost 10 years, and we'll have been in this apartment for 5. Maybe it seems selfish, but i don't want to end up with things stored in the tiny closet space I have that I don't need.

Basically, the only thing we need is money towards buying our first apartment, or our first home. We have dishware, towels, and all of the things that are in registries. Do you think it would be rude to start a contribution fund for our first house? It would be the thing that would help us most in starting our new life together.

There are many registries out there, for money, honeymoons etc.
Ex: A Perfect Wedding Gift
The Honeymoon
Honeymoon Wishes

Some people consider it rude, while others do not. What do you all think?

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Invites : Lion in the Sun

We are soon to visit Lion in the Sun for our invites- a few brides have told me they are a great, local place with good service. No appointments are taken which might be a problem, but they are willing to meet with you after store hours if your schedule so demands. I'll post how it goes when i visit.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Other : Amusing wedding video

Friday, August 18, 2006

Rings : MCRBride’s Engagement Ring

I’m very finicky and luckily my fiancé knew that.
So instead of giving me an engagement ring, when he proposed, he gave me a Tiffany Rainbow Drop pendant instead—and said I’d be able to choose my ring.
The pendant actually mimicked the first gift he ever got me, a blue crystal necklace. This was a very nice upgrade.

We got this ring from ID Jewelry in the Diamond District.
They have a small booth, and are family owned business.
Tammy fully educated us on diamonds; we were there for a good hour. She told us what to look for, even if we chose not to go with them.
Super nice, honest and upfront.
We took their GIA certificate for the princess cut we saw there, and
took it with us everywhere we went looking for a better price.
About 2 months later, no once could beat them!

I.D. had sold "that" princess diamond we had originally seen, but had one that
was practically the same.

The band I designed (influenced by JEFF COOPER), and they made it for me.

A really great, deal and obviously I highly recommend them!
The site isn't that great, neither is the booth they are located.
But the service is top notch.
I love my ring, and at times just like to look at it sparkle.

I.D. Jewelry, LLC
8 West 47th Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 921-9372

Places : The Foundry--MCRBrides location

After much searching on message boards, online, word of mouth etc, my fiancé and I finally came to choose the 1st place I had I looked at when thinking of wedding venues.
The Foundry

A co-worker of mine had gotten married there about a year or so ago, so when I got engaged, a lot of people at my job had high praise for it, and recommended it.
I loved it immediately but thought it would be way too expensive.
Jump ahead around 6 months later, and the price of a NYC wedding
started to sink in, the Foundry didn't so expensive to me anymore.

It’s just so funny to me, that we ended going with literally the 1st place I looked at.

So anyways our date is September 29th, 2007 :) And currently we are narrowing down between 2 caterers.
I'll post about that when we make the final decision.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Other : The More You Know—Wedding Cake

This video is also available on NBC's website

By MCRBride

Other : The More You Know—Wedding Invitations

Video is now available on NBC's site.
By MCRBride

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Photographers : Eva Dahl

By MCRBride
I finally have a photographer! We decided on Eva Dahl
, I really like her color photos.
While looking through her photo books, I saw she did the photos for Paul Soter of Super Troopers seen here below, which I also found on her site.

Also she did a wedding where Jessalyn Gilsig and Rainn Wilson were guests. Nice to see Dwight out having a good time ;)

Jessalyn Gilsig IMBD
Rainn Wilson IMDB

Kvetch : Welcome!

Kvetch : Welcome!
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